Standards: Testing of plastics

Gradus a.s. since the year 2014 offers and carry out the following tests:

  • tests of plastics varnished  mainly according to VW norm TL 211 and TL 226
  • ČSN EN ISO 2409              Cross cut test
  • DIN EN ISO 20567-1         Steinschlagtest – Gravel blasting test
  • VW PV 1503                         Dampfstrahltest – Resistance to hot water stream
  • ČSN EN ISO 6270-2          Resistance to humidity – Exposition of samples to Condensation water enviroment
  • VW PV 1200                         Climate test – Alternating climate temperature test with controlled humidity
  • Determination of mirror gloss of coatings with geometry 20°;60° 85° (acc. to ČSN EN ISO 2813)
  • Colorimetric determination of color differences (acc. to ASTM E 1347, EN ISO 11664-4, EN 13523-3, ISO 7724-1,2,3)
  • Test for the determination of resistance to UV radiation under the UV lamps (acc. to ASTM G 154, EN ISO 4892-1, EN ISO 4892-3, EN ISO 927-6, EN ISO 16474)
  • Determination of wavy surface (Orange Peel) with dependence of measured gloss (DOI) even on smaller or curved surfaces
  • Temperature resistance
  • Chemical resistance

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