Laboratory equipment

We are well equipped with all required equipment to carry out these tests. Our company staff have many years in the industry.

Instruments and equipment used for testing

zkušební korozní komora Liebisch SK-400-MTR
testing corrosion chamber Constamaticwin SK 400 M-TR fy Liebisch
zkušební korozní komora Constamatic SKB 1000 A-TR
test corrosion chamber Constamatic SKB 1000 A-TR fy Liebisch
solná komora Q-FOG CRH 1100 HSC
Salt spray chamber with regulation of humidity (Cyclic Corrosion Tester) CRH 1100 HSC fy Q-FOG
klimatická komora Vöetsch VC3 7060
Climatic chamber VC3 7060 (with modification for VW PV 1200/BMW) fy Vöetsch
sušárna ED 115
Oven ED 115 fy BINDER
binokulární stereomikroskop STM 712
STM 712 binocular stereo microscope with connection to Intraco Micro camera software
analytické váhy GR 200EC a přesné váhy GF 2000EC
analytical scales GR 200EC and precision scales GF 2000EC fy A&D

Other equipment:

  • thickness gauge FMP 40  fy HELMUT FISCHER GmbH
  • test bath for liquids dive according to ČSN EN ISO 2812
  • test equipment for testing against liquids
  • test box for conducting tests by high pressure steam and water IPX 9
  • measuring instruments to determinate coating thicknesses on metallic and non-metallic materials
  • instruments for adhesion testing