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Standards: Testing of plastics

Gradus a.s. since the year 2014 offers and carry out the following tests:

  • tests of plastics varnished  mainly according to VW norm TL 211 and TL 226
  • ČSN EN ISO 2409              Cross cut test
  • DIN EN ISO 20567-1         Steinschlagtest – Gravel blasting test
  • VW PV 1503                         Dampfstrahltest – Resistance to hot water stream
  • ČSN EN ISO 6270-2          Resistance to humidity – Exposition of samples to Condensation water enviroment
  • VW PV 1200                         Climate test – Alternating climate temperature test with controlled humidity
  • Paint structure measurement Wave-Scan plus
  • Temperature resistance
  • Chemical resistance

Standards: Testing of metals

Gradus a.s. carryout the following tests:

  • Corrosion test in neutral salt spray by NSS, AASS, CASS method and evaluation of the surface after testing (according to ČSN EN ISO 9227, evaluation ČSN EN ISO 10289 or ČSN EN ISO 4628)
  • Corrosion test for the determination of resistance to humidity in condensation-water atmospheres  with evaluation of surface after testing  (acc. to ČSN EN ISO 6270-2, evaluation acc. to ČSN EN ISO 10289 or ČSN EN ISO 4628)
  • Combined corrosion test in neutral salt spray and resistance to humidity in condensation-water atmospheres by NSS, AASS, CASS method- car manufacturers standards  (podle ČSN EN ISO 9227 a ČSN EN ISO 6270-2, Evaluation acc. to  ČSN EN ISO 10289 or ČSN EN ISO 4628)
  • ČSN EN ISO 2409 Cross Cut test – Grid test
  • ČSN ISO 2819, 2.12 Test of Adhesion by thermal shock – Heat shock adhesion test
  • ČSN EN ISO 4628 Evaluation of paint degradation Classification of the amount and size of defects and the intensity of individual appearance changes
  • Liquid resistance test
  • Damp heat cyclic test (PV 1200:2003, PV 2005-A:2000, ČSN EN ISO 17872)
  • Climate corrosion change test (Combined cycle test) (PV 1209:2010)
  • Determination of film hardness by pencil test ČSN EN ISO 15184
  • Pressure Washer Test (PV 1503A:2008, DIN 55662:2008) (ČSN -EN ISO 6270-2, ISO 16925:2014) ISO 20653, specification 9K (IPX9)
  • Environmental test -Cold (ČSN EN 60068-2-1 ed.2)
  • Determination of stone-chip resistance of coatings (Multi-impact testing) (ČSN EN ISO 20567-1)
  • VW PV 1210 Car body parts and vehicle mounted parts – Corrosion test (cyclic test).